Montgomery County, PA

Equity Through Access

Montgomery County is the third most populated county in Pennsylvania with over 830,000 residents. Population is forecast to increase by 94,612 by 2040¹ and there is a trend of increasing ethnic diversity.

In MontCo 2040: A Shared Vision, the County’s Comprehensive Plan recognizes the need to improve transportation infrastructure and increase transportation options, to support the three major themes of Connected Communities, Sustainable Places and Vibrant Economy.

SEPTA transit service in Montgomery County includes eight rail lines and dozens of bus routes. However, in this large county spanning 497 square miles, many areas are transit deserts.²

Recognizing that transportation challenges are widespread, the lack of transportation options can limit access to medical services, education, employment opportunities, food, healthy recreational activities, and socialization.

Disadvantaged communities and vulnerable populations often face additional barriers to accessing transportation due to lower incomes, limited English proficiency, disabilities, mobility limitations and the digital divide.³

The cost of car ownership and insurance is out of reach for many residents and 5.4% of households in the county do not own a personal vehicle.

Transit information is not easily accessible and those with limited English proficiency, disabilities, and mobility limitations may not be able to ride buses and trains due to language and physical barriers. Twenty one percent of Montgomery County residents are over the age of 65, and many of those residents want to continue to live independently in their own homes.  When they are no longer able to drive, many face significant challenges when transportation is not available.

The Partnership TMA collaborates with over 150 public and private sector partners to provide programs and services that help reduce inequity due to transportation challenges.

¹ Montgomery County Today

² A transit desert is an area that lacks accessible public transit and may also include a lack of biking and pedestrian infrastructure.

³ The gulf between those who have ready access to computers and those who do not.

2019 American Community Survey

Air Quality Tip

Approximately 20 days each year, air quality in Montco does not meet EPA health standards. Everyone can take action to reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

Maintaining your vehicle, commuting smarter, saving energy at work & home, and employers joining the Air Quality Partnership through the Partnership TMA of Montgomery County are simple steps to improve air quality.

Save Energy

Saving energy at work and at home, not only saves money, but protects the air from emissions from power plants & burning heat oil.

Commute Smarter

Take transit, rideshare, ride a bike, or walk to work or to errands.

Copy of Air Quality Tip SAMPLE

Mission Statement

The Partnership TMA of Montgomery County collaborates with 150+ public and private sector partners to:

Expand & Enhance transportation options

Ease traffic congestion

Educate & Engage our communities on issues of land use, the environment, and healthy lifestyles