Montgomery County, PA


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Interactive education on travel options, trip planning and personal safety. Delivered in classroom sessions and workshops, in-person or virtual.

Travel Training

Travel Training topics include transportation options, trip planning and personal safety for:

  • Young adults with disabilities, to develop life-skills, build confidence and support independent travel. 
  • Job seekers, to access employment and skills development opportunities.

"Travel training is a wonderful program in which our students have gained such a great skill set to add their toolbox of knowledge. It is so important for our students to learn to be independent in the community along with being aware of the dangers that surround them. Using classroom based scenarios, videos and actual practice in the community, this program has given our students the skills to be more confident when crossing the street, riding a bus and recognizing and responding to danger. Not only are the students learning community- based skills, but this program incorporates lessons on reading, counting money and social skills."

Angela P
The Pathway School

Air Quality Tip

Approximately 20 days each year, air quality in Montco does not meet EPA health standards. Everyone can take action to reduce air pollution and improve air quality.

Maintaining your vehicle, commuting smarter, saving energy at work & home, and employers joining the Air Quality Partnership through the Partnership TMA of Montgomery County are simple steps to improve air quality.

Don’t Idle

Don’t let your vehicle run when you’re not driving. Idling wastes gas and pollutes the air.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Refuel your vehicle at the end of the day. Ozone levels are usually highest in mid-to-late afternoon.

Copy of Air Quality Tip SAMPLE

Mission Statement

The Partnership TMA of Montgomery County collaborates with 150+ public and private sector partners to:

Expand & Enhance transportation options

Ease traffic congestion

Educate & Engage our communities on issues of land use, the environment, and healthy lifestyles